David Grant Photography 

     David Grant is a Bay Area sports photographer specializing in Surf Photography along with empty wave barrels. He swims out in the frigid waters of Northern California to capture moments that only the surfing community ever get to experience. David's goal is to share what he sees and showcase the photographs to the surfers, their families, and to the general public, who can admire and appreciate the photos taken with his talented eye and unique angles. To capture these photos means David has to be in the perfect spot between the surfer and the crashing wave, all while trying to navigate through strong currents, sea life, and most importantly the surfboards with their riders. One wrong move could potentially be fatal.

     With years of ocean experience, along with the rigorous training David practices to prepare himself for his ocean swims, you can now experience what it is that makes these cold water surfers tick, i.e. the "tunnel vision" that you have only ever heard of. With his camera, David aims to share these experiences with you. Contact David through his email to find out more or to request prints from him.